Dana De Greff

Fiction. Poetry. Features. Criticism.


For writers who want one-on-one attention and mentorship

as well as helpful and thoughtful edits for whatever project you’re working on, then this is the option for you. Whether you are in the beginning stages of writing a book and only have an idea in your head, or you’ve been working on a draft for years, I can help you lay the groundwork for your project in terms of setting career and project goals, outlining, identifying your ideal audience, and finding an agent.   

By utilizing my skills as a coach, you will save time and energy and maximize your efforts when it comes to the many moving parts of becoming a published author such as revisions, building a writing portfolio, drafting and submitting query letters, and more. You will also get insider input into how to choose the right agent for you, and how to stay on the writerly path with confidence and skill.

 Want to schedule a consultation? Email danarevadegreff@gmail.com to start making your book dream a reality.